The fantasy drama claims more actors’ lives than any other. But we’re not talking about anything serious like dangerous stunts leading to undesirable things like death; we’re talking about being typecast, something Kit Harington – who masterfully and with critical acclaim portrays the character of Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones – understands fully.

Kit HaringtonKit Harington isn't worried about being typecast

"I think all actors get typecast at first," he explained. "I think they see you in Thrones and the industry says: 'We like what he does in that, so let's use him in this because it's the same genre.’ You're always fighting against being typecast as an actor, but if you look at any actors from the past, they've all fit into a certain role."

But just because Kit understands the nature of being typecast, that doesn’t mean he isn’t intending on branching out to other, more challenging projects. "I understand the obsession with typecasting, but I also think it's a very natural thing. I want to do something a bit more contained next - that's a bit more about the acting,” he said. 

Harrington’s character Jon Snow will be making a comeback when Game of Thrones returns for its highly anticipated fourth season. He’s become a fans’ favourite, moving up the ranks to slowly assume leadership duties, which hasn’t made him the most fun-loving of characters. 

“I'd say he's introverted. He's introverted and moody and he takes himself very seriously... he takes his job very seriously and he takes the world very seriously. He doesn't have a lot to smile about really. There's not many times in the script where it says 'Jon laughs hysterically' or 'Jon smiles', he's not that character.

"But this season he has to lead men so that's why he's talking more, because normally he's used to being talked at,” Harington explained. 

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And for Harington, a true marker of his stardom has just been achieved: being asked to be the face of a fragrance certainly hits the level of your popularity home – and he’s now the face of ‘Choo’. “Kit perfectly embodies the Jimmy Choo man," Sandra Choi, Choo's creative director, said of the news. "He has a natural and alluring masculinity and an effortless sense of style. His cool attitude and smouldering sensuality belie a true British gentleman."

"I was very excited to be chosen as the face for such a highly regarded brand and to play a role in defining who the Jimmy Choo man is," Kit added.

Source: Express.