Kanye West was spotted around Los Angeles on Thursday (June 27) with the grandmother of his daughter, Kris Jenner. Whilst this may seem like a lovely post-pregnancy outing between Kanye and his potential future mother-in-law, the rapper was in a foul mood and looked as though he was on the war path, and it might be Jenner who is at the root of his anger too.

Kris Jenner Emmys
Jenner apparently wants to show off her grandchild on her new talk show

Jenner is apparently planning on bringing her granddaughter on to her talk show, The Kris Jenner Show, in the next few weeks, giving the new born her first exposure to the camera as well as securing a pretty big exclusive for her programe. For a family so regularly exposed to the public eye, the decision by Jenner to bring her daughter's child on to the show doesn't really come as a surprise, but not only is Kanye surprised with Kris over her plans, but he is said to be absolutely livid.

It was the first time Kanye has been seen in public since the birth of his child, with Kim Kardashian still in hiding with her baby, and he didn't seem the slightest bit happy when he was spotted. Jenner has been seen out and about a few times since the birth and has become the couple's spokesperson recently, appearing on The View earlier this week to defend the baby's name; North West, as well as discussing other matters since the birth.

Kanye West Mirage
Kanye doesn't want his daughter on TV yet

According to reports, this is the only thing that Kanye has been less than happy with recently (except maybe his new album, Yeezus, being released to mixed reviews and far from amazing sales) and the rapper has taken to fathering like a duck to water, apparently being completely smitten with his first child. We were hoping that this would lead to a new Kanye, but he clearly still has his temper. Baby steps though.

Kim and Kanye
Kim has been uncharacteristically shy from the public eye since the birth