Kris Jenner fought back tears as she admitted she's still grieving for her murdered friend Nicole Brown Simpson 30 years after her death.

'The Kardashians' star was left devastated after her pal was found stabbed to death outside her home in Brentwood, California alongside her friend Ron Goldman on June 12 1994 with Nicole's ex-husband OJ Simpson later being tried and sensationally acquitted of the killing - and Kris says she still misses her friend three decades on.

Speaking in new documentary series 'The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson', Kris is seen fighting back sobs as she said: "You never get over losing a friend that way.

"And I think I pack it down so far deep inside, you know? It's been 30 years. It's hard. [It's] one of the hardest days I've ever experienced."

Kris also revealed Nicole's final words to her in a phone call shortly before the murder - revealing her pal was organising a schedule to look after their mutual friend Faye Resnick while she was undergoing treatment for substance abuse.

The TV star explained: "Nicole said: ‘Okay, we are going to go visit Faye and make sure that somebody’s there for her every day'

"So she made a schedule for us. I remember it was Nicole’s day and Nicole and I spoke and she goes: ‘No, Faye’s having a good day. I’m leaving. Your day is tomorrow.’

"That was the last day I spoke to her."

Kris met Nicole through her then-husband Robert Kardashian, who was friends with Simpson. She added of her relationship with Nicole: "It was a really fast friendship because Robert [Kardashian] and O.J. were so close ...

"I think Nicole was really careful and she didn’t befriend everybody. She was really warm and amazing but you got to know her first before she let you in. But when she did, she was super loyal and your friend for life."