Review of Silence Single by Leaves

The Leaves

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28th October 2002

Silence will be the fourth single to be taken from 'Breath' Leaves Debut album, The Icelandic Trio's new single 'Silence' (as the title suggests) is a gentle melodic piece.

The single is reminiscent of an easy going Beatles track although it does have an added darker emotion that is conjured up in the lyrics beautifully delivered by vocalist Arnar Gudjonsson, accompanied by a purely nave and thoroughly uplifting backing track, the singers voice isn't strikingly diverse however it does contain a mellow whispered sound coupled with a slightly broken edge that helps to emphasize the tracks poignant message. The inoffensive track doesn't shock or horrify but undeniably starts to move you the more you hear it. A gentle and thought provoking release and quite a typical fourth single, hopefully this will be the track that drives 'Leaves' further into the U.K music industries main beam.

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The leaves album-'Breathe' is available to buy now and the single 'Silence' is released on October the 28th. Iceland's fresh new talent will also be touring throughout October starting with a headlining spot at the 'Reykjavik Airways Festival.'

Sunday 20th Liverpool University

Monday 21st Newcastle University

Tuesday 22nd Edinburgh La Belle Angele

Wednesday 23rd Middlesbrough Cornerhouse

Thursday 24th Leeds Rocket

Saturday 26th Sheffield Barfly

Sunday 27th Manchester Live Caf

Monday 28th Bristol Louisiana

Tuesday 29th London Spitz