Liam Gallagher thinks Dave Sitek is a musical ''outlaw''.

The singer's band, Beady Eye, are working with the TV On The Radio musician on a new album and Liam, 40, is impressed at how fearless the producer is.

Liam explained: ''I don't know f**k all about [Dave], I didn't want to know anything about him, I just wanted to know he was up for it. I'm not blowing smoke up his arse... He's the best producer I've ever worked with, ever.

''His eyes are wide open, he's got no fear. We feel like a f***ing new band. He's out there, man. To me, he's a f***ing outlaw. He's got no fear, man, and he's right up for ripping everything into pieces and experimenting.''

Beady Eye - which also includes Chris Sharrock, Gem Archer and Andy Bell - plan to take their music to a new level on their second album and while established fans may be surprised by the changes in sound, Liam's only aim is to make a ''great record''.

He added to NME magazine: ''Well, we haven't got many [fans] to lose anyway, so it doesn't matter! And that's not me dissing fans: I do what I want for everyone, not just them. If we pick 'em up, we pick 'em up. If we lose 'em, we lose 'em. That's not the point.

''That's not what I'm doing it for. I'm doing it do make a f**king great record, so that I can sleep at night. Maybe the average Joe might go, 'Ohhh, no'. People don't like f***ing change. I don't like f***ing change! But you gotta do it sometimes.''