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4th March 2017

Fact: Liam Neeson is in early talks to play Viola Davis' husband in heist thriller Widows. The film, based on a 1983 British mini-series, follows the story of the widows of four armed robbers, who are killed in a heist gone wrong.

19th December 2016

Quote: "There's only so many times your daughter can be taken. Actually if we do have another it will be, 'Please can you take my daughter?'" Actor Liam Neeson shoots down rumours suggesting he will star in a fourth Taken movie.

11th November 2015

Fact: Actor Liam Neeson gave fans a taste of what a movie of the popular Candy Crush game could look like on Tuesday (10Nov15) when he joined U.S. talk show host Stephen Colbert to 'debut' a scene from their fake film. The Taken star portrayed Mr. Toffee, a man on his death bed after years spent "crushing candy", while the comedian played his unappreciative son in the parody sketch, which aired on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

20th April 2015

Quote: "In the new film, there are so many people ranging from Thierry Henry to Liam Neeson, who is being incredibly self-deprecating. He was such a sweetheart. It's so funny that he's become this brutal action figure because he's just the nicest guy in the world." Jeremy Piven learned LIAM NEESON is nothing like his on-screen characters while working with him the upcoming ENTOURAGE film.

13th March 2015

Quote: "There's over 300 million guns in this country and I'm so sick of turning a page in a newspaper and seeing another school kid has been shot by someone. It's like, 'Dudes, change it!' Give the Brits their due; when the Dunblane (school) massacre happened, within 24 hours handguns were banned... The gun culture in this country is crazy... It's obscene." Liam Neeson is sickened by his adopted America's love of guns.

12th March 2015

Quote: "I'll raise a glass to St. Patrick (but) I try and keep away from all the shamrockery (sic) stuff. It was never my thing." Proud Irishman Liam Neeson is not a fan of all the St. Patrick's Day silliness, but he will celebrate quietly next week (17Mar15).

12th March 2015

Fact: Liam Neeson's youngest son Daniel has just been accepted to America's prestigious Yale University.

11th March 2015

Fact: Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson has loaned his voice to a promo video for the Irish tourist board. The Taken star has teamed up with Tourism Ireland ahead of St Patrick's Day on Tuesday (17Mar15) to encourage holidaymakers to visit the country.

21st September 2014

Quote: "At one point, his face rested on my shoulder and... I just became overcome by how wonderful he smelled... Imagine what terrific smells like and know that's what Liam Neeson smells like. I couldn't think of anything else in the scene." Actor David Harbour was pleasantly surprised by his A Walk Among The Tombstones co-star's natural odor.

19th September 2014

Quote: "I am a big no. I think the should stay with the union. It's 307 years old, it works incredibly well." Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson revealed he was against Scottish independence during an appearance on U.S. show Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (18Sep14) as people in the U.K. were awaiting the outcome of a referendum. People voted to stay part of the United Kingdom.

19th September 2014

Fact: Liam Neeson showed off his fun side on U.S. show Watch What Happens Live! on Thursday (18Sep14) when he read out famous movie quotes after taking a hit of helium from a balloon. Pal and fellow guest John Benjamin Hickey had to guess the movies from the Taken star's high-pitched lines.

18th September 2014

Quote: "You're up against the heavyweights, Thomas - now go to bed!" Liam Neeson offers his Love Actually stepson Thomas Brodie-Sangster a few words of warning as the two actors prepare to go head to head at the U.S. box office this weekend (beg19Sep14). Neeson is the star of action thriller A Walk Among the Tombstones, while the grown-up child star is among the ensemble cast of The Maze Runner.

16th September 2014

Quote: "I'm fine with this stuff but every month (my sons) are telling me to change to the latest version, and (I say), 'Oh, shut up.' But now it's playing up and I know they've put some gremlin in there, saying: 'Oh, he's had that phone for two years. It's time.' I swear that's what they do." Actor Liam Neeson is convinced his sons have sent a virus to his smart phone to force him to upgrade.

15th September 2014

Quote: "I'm keeping myself to myself. And I like it that way. I'm not hunting. I'm the opposite of a - what would a male cougar be? Is there such a thing? Whatever it is, I'm not that." Actor Liam Neeson insists he is not looking for love. The Schindler's List star split from British businesswoman Freya St Johnston in 2012 after his actress wife Natasha Richardson was killed in a skiing accident in 2009.

23rd July 2014

Quote: "I'm almost embarrassed to be getting all these scripts for the kind of work I should probably have been doing in my 30s." Liam Neeson, 62, is surprised he still gets offers to star in action movies.

12th May 2014

Quote: "I told Seth that I'd only play Clinch Leatherwood if I could do it in my broad Northern Irish accent, as I remembered he did a spoof in (cartoon show) Family Guy where one of the characters said, 'Imagine Liam Neeson doing a western with his Irish accent'." Liam Neeson admits he only signed on to Seth MACFarlane's new western comedy, A Million Ways to Die in the West, on the condition he could keep his brogue.

27th March 2014

Quote: "We started reading this, and there was an intro, and then I see 'Lincoln:', where I have to start speaking, and I just (had) a thunderbolt moment. I thought, 'I'm not supposed to be here. This is gone. I've passed my sell-by date. I don't want to play this Lincoln. I can't be him'... I said, 'Steven, you have to recast this now... this is not for me. I can't explain it. It's gone'." Liam Neeson on why he turned down the chance to play Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's hit movie. The role eventually went to Daniel Day-Lewis and his performance earned him his third Oscar.

13th March 2014

Fact: Liam Neeson will reunite with his onscreen wife, Famke Janssen, and daughter, Maggie Grace, in the third instalment of his hit Taken franchise after both actresses officially signed on for the project, reports Forest Whitaker is also in talks to star in the upcoming kidnap action thriller.

28th February 2014

Quote: "I was convinced it was straight to video so it would go under the radar." Actor Liam Neeson admits he didn't have that much faith in his hit action movie Taken. The 2008 film became a huge box office hit and has since spawned two sequels, with Taken 3 expected to begin production later this year (14).

27th February 2014

Quote: "I was flying out to L.A. last Sunday to do promo for the film (Non-Stop) and there was a guy sitting on my right and he was quite boisterous during the whole flight and I was trying to check him out. I wasn't sure if he'd had a few drinks, I mean he was quite animated, let's put it that way. So at the end of the flight, he nudges me and he gives me a badge; he was an air marshal, it was an air marshal badge commemorating 10 years of service from 2001 to 2011." Actor Liam Neeson, who portrays an air marshal in Non-Stop, was flattered to receive a special commemorative gift from a real-life U.S. officer.

27th February 2014

Quote: "They're throwing action scripts my way and I read them and see the hero is 33-34 years of age, then when I raise an objection and say, 'You've sent it to the wrong actor,' the script comes back and the hero is in his 50s." Filmmakers are so keen for Liam Neeson to star in their action films, they change character ages for the 61-year-old.

26th February 2014

Fact: Actor Liam Neeson is set to make a cameo in the upcoming Entourage movie. The Taken action man was snapped shooting in a car side-by-side with Jeremy Piven in a red Ferrari in Hollywood on Tuesday (25Feb14), when the pair was filmed exchanging words in a tense scene. Piven is reprising his role as obnoxious talent agent Ari Gold in the big screen adaptation of the hit Tv series.

20th February 2014

Quote: "I call it the cup of tea test. With any script I am sent, if I get to page 10 without having to make a cup of tea then I know it's good. Some movies I will read all the way through in one go. Then I really know it's a good one." Veteran movie star Liam Neeson on how he picks his acting roles.

1st March 2013

Fact: Liam Neeson is to voice a villainous raccoon in upcoming animated film The Nut Job, which will also feature the talents of Katherine Heigl and Brendan Fraser.

4th October 2012

Fact: Liam Neeson and Ethan Hawke dropped the serious drama for an appearance on U.S. chat show Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday (03Oct12). The two movie stars and thespians donned wigs and reenacted the squabble between The Real Housewives of New Jersey reality TV stars Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice during a reunion special which aired on Sunday (30Sep12).

3rd October 2012

Quote: "My favourite food was a chicken wrap every night." Liam Neeson enjoyed the fast food on location in Turkey while he was shooting Taken 2.

20th September 2012

Quote: "Sometimes you're on a river with trout that have never seen an artificial fly. Your presentation of it has to be natural, so that a fish that's been around since the Triassic period goes, 'Oh, I fancy that.' Then you've hooked it! That's one of the greatest thrills. Better than sex, by the way." Actor Liam Neeson gets a great buzz from fly fishing.

18th May 2012

Quote: "We have very similar Neanderthal foreheads and noses... He won the Tony Award for playing Hamlet onstage about 14 years ago (and) I have been complimented on my Hamlet quite a few times." Liam Neeson is often mistaken for pal Ralph Fiennes.

6th April 2012

Quote: "The other cast had to go off and do boot camp, but not me. As admiral of the fleet, I give the orders. Everybody's saluting you all of the time. It's terrific." Liam Neeson on his role as a vice admiral in new movie Battleship, which he stars in alongside Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch.

18th January 2012

Quote: "There's a great sushi restaurant, one of the best sushi restaurants I've ever been to." Liam Neeson found a great place to eat in tiny Smithers in British Columbia, where he shot new survival movie The Grey.

18th January 2012

Quote: "She's a lovely girl but I don't know her music, I'm ashamed to say. I met her on set in Hawaii but I stopped listening to music when John Lennon was shot." Actor Liam Neeson has not heard his Battleship co-star Rihanna's hits.

22nd March 2011

Quote: "It was like an Evian bottle fell out of his pants. The earth shook. Omg (Oh my God), you don't understand - I swallowed my tongue I was so shocked. This was way before he was famous, too." Liam Neeson is well endowed, according to former supermodel Janice Dickinson.

16th March 2011

Quote: "My family's in Ireland. Returning periodically keeps me on an even keel. Whatever bothers me, I can see my way through. That simple life cuts through the BS (bulls**t)." Actor Liam Neeson stays grounded by returning to his homeland.

3rd March 2011

Quote: "My kids love Family Guy and I want to get into whatever they're watching, so I can understand them a little better. But my preference is The Simpsons." Liam Neeson prefers old school cartoons.

17th February 2011

Quote: "I'm five foot, seven (inches), but Liam's about six foot... I dunno, 10? He's like a bus next to me." German beauty Diane Kruger felt tiny compared to her UNKNOWN co-star Liam Neeson.

17th February 2011

Quote: "It was very emotional... I was very very touched by it. Millions and millions of people have done this." Liam Neeson on his swearing-in as an American citizen 18 months ago.

18th December 2010

Quote: "Shakespeare's still scary to me." Irish actor Liam Neeson shies away from tackling classic plays on stage.

18th November 2010

Fact: Liam Neeson will receive the Variety Award at the upcoming British Independent Film Awards in London on 5 December (10). Past recipients of the prize include Sir Michael Caine, Dame Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen and Keira Knightley.

10th November 2010

Quote: "I spoke to Mel (and) Mel's cool about it. We're all cool." Liam Neeson on replacing Mel Gibson in THE HANGOVER 2.

16th September 2010

Fact: Actor Liam Neeson has posed with a girly pink purse for a new cancer campaign. The TAKEN hunk is promoting the pretty accessory for Britain's Cancer Research, which hopes to raise funds through sales of the bags.

29th July 2010

Fact: PRECIOUS star Gabourey Sidibe has been unveiled as the latest cast addition to Laura Linney's new TV drama THE BIG C. The Oscar nominee will play an outspoken student on the forthcoming U.S. series, about a teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Liam Neeson is also set to make an appearance on the programme.

27th July 2010

Fact: Liam Neeson is reuniting with his KINSEY co-star Laura Linney this summer (10) - the Schindler's List actor will make a guest appearance in her new TV show The Big C. The series, about a teacher who is given a terminal cancer diagnosis, premieres in the U.S. on 16 August (10).

16th June 2010

Quote: "I have to admit I wasn't (a fan). I was, like, 24, 25 and I was in professional theatre, so it wasn't my generation." Liam Neeson didn't follow THE A-Team when it was a hit on TV. Neeson plays Hannibal Smith in the new movie remake.

8th June 2010

Quote: "It was dangerous... Bradley's an ex-smoker too. He was like, 'Blow that over here, give me a puff of that.'" Ex-smoker Liam Neeson on puffing cigars with another former nicotine addict, Bradley Cooper, on the set of The A-Team.

1st April 2010

Quote: "My first thought was, 'They have to get Sean Connery for Zeus.'" Liam Neeson felt sure his god-like role in Clash of the Titans should have gone to Connery.

27th August 2009

Quote: "He wrote my family a very very beautiful, touching condolence letter when Natasha died." Actor Liam Neeson has fond memories of beloved U.S. politician EDWARD KENNEDY, who died on Tuesday (25Aug09). The Senator took time to remember Neeson's late wife Natasha Richardson when she died earlier this year (09).

18th May 2009

Fact: Oscar-winning MILK screenwriter DUSTIN LANCE BLACK has signed Liam Neeson and Jennifer Connelly to his directorial debut, What's Wrong With Virginia? Neeson will play a local sheriff running for the state senate and Connelly the mother of a boy his daughter starts dating.

17th April 2009

Fact: Grieving movie star Liam Neeson was spotted courtside at a New York Knicks basketball game with his sons and pal Aidan Quinn on Wednesday night (15Apr09). Neeson's wife Natasha Richardson died suddenly from a traumatic brain injury last month (Mar09).

29th September 2008

Quote: "I'm many things but a sex symbol is not one of them. I snore. That's not sexy." Liam Neeson insists his bad habits would put the ladies off him.

18th September 2008

Quote: "He's very protective in real life too. He'll make phone calls when I don't even ask him to. He gives me advice on scripts; it's so lovely to have someone so supportive. He's such a gracious man." Actress Maggie Grace heaps praise on her TAKEN co-star Liam Neeson.

4th April 2008

Quote: "I took his first photo." DAME Helen Mirren boasts about kickstarting ex-boyfriend Liam Neeson's acting career by taking his first headshots.

5th April 2006

Quote: "Little bit of a stretch." Actor Liam Neeson on Paris Hilton playing MOTHER TERESA in an upcoming film.

11th November 2005

Fact: <p>Anjelica Huston has signed to star alongside Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson in new movie SERAPHIM FALLS. </p>

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