Lily Collins feels "very grateful to the city of Paris".

The 33-year-old actress plays Emily Cooper in the hit Netflix series 'Emily in Paris', and Lily has relished the experience of filming in the French capital.

She said: "I mean, shooting at the top of the Eiffel Tower will definitely go down in the books of something I never thought that I would get to say that I've done, let alone do, and it was just a real joy. And I feel very, very grateful to the city of Paris for opening up the city to us and allowing us to film in all of these iconic locations.

"It makes the show the show and we're so grateful."

Lily has also revealed that she'd love to see her on-screen character remain in Paris, rather than moving elsewhere in search of love.

The actress told Entertainment Weekly: "I would want to continue exploring Paris and have all the experiences.

"Also, it's not a bad place to be knowing that there's a train ride away to many other countries. So I would definitely want to stay in Paris and explore all the other countries that were nearby and pop over for an adventure somewhere."

Meanwhile, Lily previously admitted to being inspired by her character's style.

The brunette beauty explained that she admired the "boldness" of Emily.

She said: "I think Emily’s boldness of choice and not being afraid of mixing things has rubbed off on me."

Lily has always been passionate about fashion. However, starring in the show has made her even more courageous.

She explained: "I always loved fashion growing up, so I’ve never been afraid of it, but I’ve just not always thought it would work on me. Throwing in those little influences here and there - Emily encourages me to do it more."