New York hotelier Vikram Chatwal, who is incidentally a close friend of one Lindsay Lohan, has been charged with drug possession after trying to board a plane with a number of illegal substances.

Chatwal allegedly had cocaine, marijuana, heroin and pills on him, when he tried to go through security at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport last Tuesday. Airport security found the drugs stashed in his bag. Almost makes you wonder whether he wasn’t actually trying to get caught.

He was booked on one count of trafficking six grams of heroin and seven counts of drug possession, including: cocaine, pot, ketamine, muscle relaxants, Xanax, sedatives and the opioid buprenorphine. Does anyone even know what that last one means? The 41-year-old entrepreneur confessed to the authorities that he illegally bought the drugs.

Chatwal has been romantically linked to Lindsay before, but the rumor was never confirmed. Like his pal Lohan, the millionaire has been in rehab a number of times. In fact, he has also been indirectly involved in some of Lohan’s incidents. Lohan, 26, was arrested in September last year for allegedly striking a pedestrian while driving a Porsche outside the Dream Hotel in NY, which Chatwal owns. However, in a July 2011 article in the New York Times, the magnate said that he had put his partying ways behind him. Maybe not as far behind as he’d hoped though. Nothing has been announced yet about Chatwal’s trial date.

Vikram Chatwal, Dream Downtown Opening
This isn't the first time Chatwal has gotten in this kind of trouble.