Lindsay Lohan’s alleged attacker has been released without charge. The latest Lindsay Lohan news is that a ‘scuffle’ broke out between Lohan, 26 and a man in a New York hotel on Sunday (September 31, 2012); they are said to have been arguing over some photos that the man is alleged to have taken of Lindsay on his mobile phone. The incident happened yesterday and Reuters have confirmed that her alleged assaulter was not charged; the misdemeanor assault that had been filed against him earlier in the day was dropped and he was allowed to go free.

Police refused to confirm that the man in question was Christian LaBella, 25, of California. “Nobody’s been arrested, there’s no assault,” the police told Reuters. “Reports were taken and both parties were able to take account of what took place.” Lohan’s spokesman, Steve Honig insists that Lohan was the victim of an assault though and stressed her innocence in the incident: “Lindsay was victim of an assault," Honig told Reuters. "She does not face any charges.” Honig also stated that she suffered “minor injuries” though the report does not explain what they were.

This is the latest in a string of unfortunate spats for Lindsay. She recently posted a message on Twitter questioning why she was incarcerated for her previous law-breaking activity, whilst fellow tearaway Amanda Bynes has yet to be punished for her own driving offences. Fate seemed to be toying with Lohan when – just a few days later – she was arrested for allegedly striking a pedestrian with her car as she left a New York nightclub.