Review of Catching A Tiger Album by Lissie

Since landing the lead role in 'Annie' at the age of nine it would seem Illinois-born Lissie Maurus has been destined to perform, a statement justified when Lenny Kravitz picked her as tour support in 2008 - before she had released an album. Fast-forward two years and the time now comes for that record, which will be supported in the UK this autumn by shows with The Script and her own tour.

Lissie Catching A Tiger Album

When you learn that 'Catching A Tiger' was recorded in Nashville it comes as no surprise to find a prominent country influence, which is introduced in the acoustic opener 'Record Collector'. The track further grabs attention for Lissie's beautiful voice, which is highlighted again in gospel piano ballad 'Oh Mississippi', a rather snooze-inducing conclusion to the record. In between the bookends the slower tracks are frustratingly dire ('Bully' and 'Everywhere I Go'), particularly when compared to the occasions where Lissie explores her heavier side. 'When I'm Alone' is anthemic soft rock that creates a fantastic atmosphere, while 'In Sleep' is again well-crafted and features a superb guitar solo outro that brilliantly continues well beyond the expected duration. The middle couplet of 'Loosen The Knot' and 'Cuckoo', whilst not to the same quality, are very listenable album tracks and on 'Worried About' there is an interesting amalgamation that can be described as funk-folk. Unfortunately it lacks a strong hook, but certainly displays that Lissie may be capable of combining her pallet. As things stand, the lack of cohesion means the quality fluctuates to detrimental effect, resulting in a frustratingly inconsistent listen.

Alex Lai


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