BRIDE AND PREJUDICE actor Martin Henderson was "so broke" when he first arrived in Hollywood - he had to sleep in friend Heath Ledger's garage.

The New Zealand-born star, 29, formed a friendship with the A KNIGHT'S TALE actor when they worked on the Australian TV series SWEAT in 1996, and relied on his mate to give him a roof over his head when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Henderson says, "I slept on Heath's couch in his garage.

"And was so broke, I'd be frying tuna from the 99 Cent Store."

However Henderson, who has gone on to star in The Ring opposite NAOMI WATTS and Britney Spears's TOXIC video, was determined to succeed in the cut-throat film industry.

He adds, "Like race car drivers - if you look at the wall, that's where you hit."

04/10/2004 17:18