Mary-Kate Olsen and twin sister Ashley Olsen were named 2012 womenswear designers of the year at the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) awards in New York this week. The Hollywood celebrities have all but abandoned their on-screen lives to focus on their fashion careers and this latest accolade marks their acceptance in the fashion world. Their label, the Row, has been "striving for legitimacy in their fiercely competitive fashion world," the Los Angeles Times reports and a CFDA award certainly goes somewhat to sealing that legitimacy for them.

Mary-Kate was sporting a new, dark-haired look, whilst her sister Ashley remains blonde. They accepted the award gratefully, at the Lincoln Centre in New York, as a roomful of high profile celebrities looked on. Amongst the event's attendees were Vogue's Anna Wintour, Jessica Chastain and Diane Von Furstenberg. The event was hosted by Seth Myers and other award winners included Johnny Depp, who was named 'Fashion Icon of the Year.'

Seth Myers took a risk, as host of the event, by making a joke about the disgraced designer John Galliano, who was forced to leave his post as head of Christian Dior, after making anti-Semitic remarks. At one point during the awards ceremony, he said to the audience "You could even say that fashion and comedy go together like bar mitzvahs and Galliano." It would seem that the joke was met with disdain and he later said "That joke went so badly I'm going to get fired from Dior."