There are rumors abounding that Mary Rudolph’s pregnant with her and Paul Thomas Anderson’s fourth child, with the claims coming about after reports that she informed NBC show Up All Night – which she stars in – of the impending birth.

Congratulations to the pair if so! The pair had their first child, daughter Peal Minnie, in 2005, adding to that with her sister Lucille in 2009 and brother Jack in 2011. The report by The Hollywood Reporter on the potential fourth child comes in attachment with another story they’re running on Up All Night finally coming to a close, owing struggling ratings, with the exit of its chief star Christina Applegate last week possibly the straw that’s broken the camel’s back. It’s thought that Rudolph had told NBC of the impending arrival with a view to them working the pregnancy into the script, but this story now suggests that that won’t matter. At the very least at least she’ll have plenty of time to prepare herself for the birth if the show goes down the pan.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master didn’t quite achieve the critical acclaim many thought it would, with the director missing out on the Oscar shortlist for best director. He returns next with Inherent Vice, an adaptation of a novel by Thomas Pynchon.

Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph, 2008

Are the couple expecting a fourth child?