Meek Mill claims Drake doesn't ''write his own raps''.

The 28-year-old musician has hit out at his fellow rapper claiming the 'Started From the Bottom' hitmaker refused to promote Meek's recent album 'Dreams Worth More Than Money', despite featuring on it, because he was confronted about using other writers.

He tweeted: ''Stop comparing drake to me too.... He don't write his own raps! That's why he ain't tweet my album because we found out! (sic)''

Meek - who is dating Nicki Minaj - continued to say he believes artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole ''really know how to rap'', but added he wouldn't have asked Drake to guest on his album if he had realised sooner that someone else wrote his lyrics.

He ranted: ''The whole game know forreal they scared to tell the truth! I can't wait tok these guys and sit back and act like they don't know!

''Don't compare me to none of the cats that don't write they own raps either...... Lol

''Kendrick and j cole really know how to rap even tho they in different lanes .... Dude is all the way outta of it lol

''He ain't even write that verse on my album and if I woulda knew I woulda took it off my album..... I don't trick my fans! Lol

''When I get mad I just start saying what's bothering me..... I can't not tell the truth! Lol (sic).''

The hip hop star continued to say he was ''mad as s**t'' when he realised Drake hadn't penned his own verse on his track 'R.I.C.O.', but by that point it was too late to remove it.

He wrote: ''When he said the dream girl shit on Rico I thought he was coming at me lol Then youngbull played me the verse in his voice b4 my album came out I was mad as s**t! Lol (sic).''