Mel B's daughter Phoenix has been made the face of George at Asda's new collection.

The 22-year-old model - who is the daughter of the pop star and her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar - has donned various outfits from the collection to help promote Asda's new range.

Speaking about the collection, Phoenix explained: "I feel incredibly privileged to be able to represent George at Asda. I loved the creativity of the shoot and working out how to put the outfits together."

Phoenix also discussed her favourite items in the collection.

She said: "My favourite piece from the collection has to be the boots! They are so versatile, whether you’re wearing them with a dress, a pair of jeans or even sweatpants."

The new promotional campaign has been launched shortly after it was revealed that Mel has banked almost £1 million in a year.

The pop star pocketed a fortune through her Moneyspider Productions business, following the Spice Girls' much-hyped reunion in 2019.

A source said: "Mel’s problems have been incredibly well documented, and she totally wears her heart on her sleeve so she never shied away from it.

"Two years ago she owed the US taxman something like £350,000 which she had to ask for more time to pay, and the fall out from her divorce from her ex-husband Stephen [Belafonte] was massive too.

"She is having to pay him something like £3 million over time from the sale of their house and other assets, but the good news is she’s got on top of everything and now can focus on the future.

"It’s a great new start for her."

New accounts for Moneyspider Productions show that the company has gone from having £53,081 in the bank to £834,910.

Mel has returned home to the UK, having previously lived in Los Angeles with her ex-husband, and her finances are now in the best shape they've been in years, according to the accounts.