The critics' consensus for Mel Gibson's first directorial project in ten years, 'Hacksaw Ridge', is largely positive; viewers love the storyline, the actors and Desmond Doss. However, brace yourself if you've got a weak stomach because it's without doubt the bloodiest movie of the year.

Hacksaw RidgeAndrew Garfield stars as Desmon Doss 'Hacksaw Ridge'

'Hacksaw Ridge' follows Desmond Doss (played by Andrew Garfield), an American World War II army medic, as he goes into battle armed with nothing but his medical supplies. He went on to win the Medal of Honor as the first conscientious objector of the war, and as a man who cared about his religion more than his life.

New York Daily News praises the storyline and the subject matter in itself, but naturally are shocked by the degree of violence in the film. They decide that, ultimately, it 'suffers from grisliness, sentiment and self-indulgence' with Gibson often going 'over-the-top with the violence'. 

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Meanwhile, Deadline thinks 'Hacksaw Ridge' is Gibson's best work since 'Braveheart' and label it a 'truly remarkable and moving story'. Admittedly though, they agree that it's sickeningly bloody at times but, in the end, they describe those scenes as 'fierce, exciting and realistic scenes of the pure hell of combat that make this magnificent war film so unflinchingly unforgettable'.

Forbes have a big problem with the ending of the movie and even describe it as 'corny', but nonetheless summarise it as a rarely found 'exciting and action-packed anti-war movie'. Again, the goriness is brought up, depicting some of the 'most gruesome and brutally violent mass battle scenes' of all time.

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The New York Times compare it to 'American Sniper', but praise it for letting audiences decide whether they are on the side of the fighters or the objectors. 

So whether or not you have to turn away from the constant stream of grisly moments during the movie, it seems to be a universal agreement that 'Hacksaw Ridge' is an important story that has to be told - and Mel Gibson nails it.