Mel Gibson has publicly thanked his friend Whoopi Goldberg for defending him when tape recordings of his arguments with ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA were leaked online, insisting he "loves" her for the support.
The Braveheart star hit headlines last year (10) when he split from Grigorieva and she subsequently accused him of attacking her during a heated argument last January (10), while tapes of their bitter arguments later emerged online.
Following the release of the tapes, Goldberg stood by Gibson, insisting the public would be shocked if they heard some of her angry phone calls, too, saying, "I can't defend someone who got angry like that but we all get angry. I've cussed people out. I hope no one finds those tapes."
The actor has now thanked his pal for her words, telling, "I knew Whoopi before she was Whoopi. And, as she’s great and I always liked her and loved her. I like her even more now because she got it... I love her for it (taking flack for me)."
Gibson pleaded no contest to a simple battery charge in court last month (Mar11) relating to the alleged attack on Grigorieva. He was sentenced to three years probation and a year of counselling.