Michael Buble has dismissed recent reports suggesting that he’s about to retire from music, saying that he was misquoted in an interview.

The Canadian-born singer told the Associated Press on Tuesday (October 16th) that he was mis-represented in a chat with the Daily Mail last week on October 13th. The paper claimed that Buble was on the verge of packing in music after the release of his upcoming eighth album Love, and that it was because of his young son Noah’s cancer diagnosis.

“I'll keep going until the news of my death comes out, which will probably be fake too,” he said, laughing. “At that point, you're really famous now. Things are really going well on this record. Buble is hanging with Elvis… Buble and Elvis having fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches together.”

Michael BubleMichael Buble is NOT retiring from music

The star had taken a break for two years from music after learning of his eldest son’s leukaemia diagnosis. He has another son, Elias, with his wife Luisana Lopilato, and together they welcomed their a daughter named Vida in July this year.

Buble said that the first he heard about his “retirement” was after receiving texts from friends, to which he replied: “Consider the source.”

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“That was about enough for them to go 'oh yeah, I should've considered the source'. And part of me - and a weird part - part of me thinks, gosh I still matter enough for them to tell bull***t stories about me. I wonder what's next?”

He called the Daily Mail article “negative energy” and understands that, as he’s a public figure, it often comes with territory, he doesn’t want to deal with it.

“I’m not strong enough to deal with it, so I don't deal with it,” he said. “By the way, those friends that wrote me, I said to them 'Thank you so much for caring about my well-being. Do me a favour, don't share it with me. Send me pictures of your kids and tell me how you're doing, because I’d much rather know about that'.”

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