The Wall Street star is dismayed whenever he sees strangers filming him on a cell phone while he eats at restaurants with his family, and he gets frustrated at the speed with which snaps of him in public get put online.

However, he is determined to deal with the intrusive behaviour as part of the 'fame game' and simply reminds himself of the positives whenever he feels his privacy has been invaded.

Douglas tells German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, "Everyone wants selfies! Or they just start snapping without asking. It's pretty annoying when you're sitting with your family and thinking it's a moment of privacy. Then you realise that three tables along, someone's already got their smartphone out.

"And everything happens so much faster these days. Sometimes you'll be lying on the beach, on holiday, and before you've even towelled yourself off there are photos of you splashing in the sea on the Internet. That's just the way it is now... Every time I find myself getting annoyed about not being able to go unrecognised anywhere, I remember that it's now much easier for me to bag a reservation at my favourite restaurant. It has pros and cons."