One of Britain's favourite comedians, Michael McIntyre, is recovering after some thugs pulled up on a moped, smashed his car window and robbed him while he was waiting to pick his children up from school yesterday (June 4th 2018). While he apparently fell to the ground, no injuries were reported.

Michael McIntyre at WimbledonMichael McIntyre at Wimbledon

According to the Metropolitan Police, the 42-year-old was parked outside his son's school in Golders Green, North London when two men on a moped smashed the windows on his Range Rover with a hammer and stole a watch that Michael was wearing. Thankfully, both her and his sons were not injured, but were left very shaken.

'The guy at the front of the moped started to hit the driver's window about ten to 15 times and it eventually just cracked', a witness told the Daily Mail. 'He opens the door and gets Michael McIntyre out of the car. Michael fell but he was still trying to put up a fight.'

'I just remember one of the bikers trying to get something', he continued. 'And then within seconds they were gone down the hill. It was all so quick - the whole thing must have taken 30 seconds.'

Apart from the loss of his alleged £15,000 Rolex, the comedian is 'absolutely fine' according to his agent. Currently, no arrests have been made and police are appealing for witnesses to come forward. 

It's unclear what the position of Michael's sons were during the incident. One witness did reveal that Michael was attempting to comfort one of his sons - believed to be 10-year-old Oscar - in the aftermath, with him being in the passenger seat of the car.

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Moped gang attacks are becoming increasingly more common within London, with crimes having risen 1,766 per cent since 2014. It's thought that 50,000 offences a year are being committed by criminals on mopeds.