Michelle Pfeiffer would love to play Catwoman again.

The 51-year-old actress donned the leather catsuit for 1992 movie 'Batman Returns' and would be willing to reprise the sexy role.

She said: "Oh yeah, it would be really fun. That was really fun. I had a good time."

However, Michelle admits producers of the latest franchise of 'Batman' films may not want her because they would like a new actress for the role.

Talking about whether bosses would bring back Catwoman for a new movie, Michelle said: "I think they like to get a new face for the different characters, and I understand it."

Despite accepting she won't be asked to return to the franchise, Michelle recently revealed she wants to give whipping lessons to the next Catwoman.

She said: "You would think they'd bring her back. They better... They should!

"I would be there for the consult. I can give the whipping lessons. I did my own whipping."

Both Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz have been mooted for the role, but Michelle refused to choose a favourite saying only they would "both would be awesome".