Singer Miley Cyrus and her actor Liam Hemsworth have reportedly been engaged since 2012 but amidst a storm of on/off rumours, it's hard to tell whether they're still sweet on one another or not. Judging by Miley Cyrus' behaviour recently, you wouldn't think she was getting ready to settle down into married life. Engagement is the ultimate commitment for any couple, so you'd think she'd have more on her mind than partying hard, twerking, and making out with giant babies.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Was Greeted By At Least 150 Fans When She Arrived At BBC Radio 1's London Studios.

Say what? Indeed, Cyrus was pictured in celeb-infested London nightclub Cirque le Soir getting off with a topless man wearing a bib and a seriously creepy baby head, reports The Daily Mail. Miley and pals Nicole Scherzinger and Pixie Geldof hit the clubs on a recent jaunt in London town but did they know photographers were lurking? With no official word of whether Cyrus and her fiancé have split yet, we can only assume that Cyrus didn't care whether her Hunger Games actor beau knew about this one.

Liam Hemsworth
What Does Liam Hemsworth Think About Miley's Antics?

Seems like the 'Hoedown Throwdown' singer is deliberately trying to confuse fans and the press with regards to her lovelife. She spoke to Cosmopolitan magazine about Liam and was quoted  saying "That's my hubby!" and "I'm so happy I'm married." However, on the 31st July, sister Noah Cyrus seems to be looking forward to a wedding and was more keen than Miley on getting hitched, saying she really wants to be maid of honour to Entertainment Weekly.

Miley Cyrus
It's Hard To Tell Whether Miley & Liam Are Still An Item.

Speaking at the VH1 'Do Something Awards,' she revealed that she wanted to wear a "cool" dress to watch her big sis tie the knot: "It better be a very, very cool dress that I have because I want to rock a dress!" However, 13 year-old Noah gave no hint as to when the big day could be as she quickly added "I don't think they're planning yet."

Miley Noah Cyrus
Sisters Miley & Noah Back In 2011.

It really seems as though, regardless of her future commitments to her fiancé, 20 year-old Miley needs to let off some steam and twerk out all of her wild child side before she thinks about becoming a home-maker.