Miley Cyrus' mother Tish would have been a "better parent" if she'd smoked weed while she was raising her five children.

Tish Cyrus - who is also mum to Brandi, 36, Trace, 35, Braison, 29, and Noah, 24, as well as pop star Miley - didn't try marijuana for the first time until she was in her 40s but she now thinks she should have started earlier because it would have made her job as a mum feel "more fun".

During an episode of her 'Sorry We’re Stoned' podcast, she explained: "I didn’t smoke pot when I had kids. I didn’t start smoking until I was, like, 46. And so I think I would’ve been a better parent if I would’ve smoked then.

“I think I would’ve been like, I don’t know, school projects, it would’ve felt more fun .. so I really wish I had smoked then."

Tish's daughter Brandi appeared on the podcast with her mum and she agreed, declaring Tish would’ve been "much more tolerant” if she had taken up weed earlier in life.

Tish, 56, went on to insist the drug has changed her life. She added: "My decision-making is so much better now that I smoke weed. This is so great that I'm now starting to understand myself ... I do not by any means say that weed is for everyone, not at all. But for me personally, it has just been the best thing ever .. It really is."

Wiz Khalifa was a guest on the podcast, and he said his parenting is also better when he smokes weed. He told Tish: "I agree with you on the parenting aspect. It definitely gives me a lot of patience. I'm super-chilled when it comes to my son.

"I don't yell at him, I don't scream at him, but when I get stern, I get stern, That don't matter with the weed."

It comes after Tish revealed her daughter Miley introduced her to marijuana a decade ago after she was involved in a terrifying tour bus fire which left her unable to sleep.

Tish followed Miley's advice and has been a regular user ever since. During an appearance on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast, Tish, 56, explained: "I did not smoke pot until the 'Bangerz' tour, 10 years ago.

"I was like: 'This is the devil, the gateway drug'. But we were on tour and I'm on a brand new tour bus with [daughter] Noah and Miley's manager. I'm going to sleep, but there is a fire from a burst tyre.

"We pull to the side of the road, I'm trying to get Noah, my dog and to wake the manager up. Three minutes later, the bus exploded. My pyjamas, laptop everything burnt. It was crazy."

Tish went on to experience trouble sleeping and she initially tried sleeping pill Ambien but it made her feel "so bad" and Miley told her she should try smoking weed instead to help her nod off.

She added: "Miley was like: 'Mum if you could just smoke weed'. That's how it started. I started smoking to go to sleep ... "