Review of Irish Blood, English Heart Single by Morrissey


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Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart - Single Review


Irish Blood, English Heart

The latest solo offering from The Smiths legendary frontman sees the godfather of quiffs return with his most promising effort to date.

Previous chart offences have seen a mixed reaction from the critics but Morrissey has never lost his iconic status or cult following. The Ordinary Boys, The Libertines and The Thrills are amongst the latest crop of stars to pay lip-service to the star and they will doubtful be the last.

Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart - Single Review

Taken from forthcoming album ‘You Are the Quarry’, released May 17th through Attack Records, Irish Blood, English heart manages to combine socio-political thoughts ‘I’ve been dreaming of a time when to be English is not to be baneful / To be standing by the flag not feeling shameful / Racist or partial’ with an energetic accompaniment and, standing at little over two minutes, leaves you wanting more with a tantalisingly abrupt ending.

The former pin-up is going to be busy over the summer, his homecoming May gig sold out in under an hour, he is confirmed to play Glastonbury and America’s travelling carnival Loolapolosa and he is curating the celebration of alternative arts that is the Meltdown festival.

The Morrissey bandwagon is well and truly rolling once again and rightly so. You could do a lot worse than to jump on it.

Jude Stone