Morrissey has hit back at claims that Miley Cyrus pulled out of a collaboration because of his political views.

The controversial 63-year-old musician recently revealed that Miley would no longer appear on his track 'I Am Veronica' but he has insisted that her reasons for pulling out were unrelated to him.

Writing on his official Morrissey Central website, he said: "In truth, Miley has backed off for reasons unconnected to me, having had a major clash with a key figure in 'the circle'. I cannot give any details about the private fight because … it is private, after all.

"Miley knew everything about me when she arrived to sing 'I Am Veronica' almost two years ago; she walked into the studio already singing the song. She volunteered. I did not ask her to get involved. Her professionalism was astounding, her vocals a joy to behold. Every minute that I spent with Miley was loving and funny. She asked if she could be in the 'Veronica' video. I was very honored. She told me that Morrissey songs are on 24-hour rotation in her house, and she had frequently been photographed in Morrissey t-shirts. Miley came into my world; I did not venture towards hers. I was eternally thankful, and even now, I remain so."

This comes after Morrissey previously revealed his new album is "no longer scheduled" to drop in February 2023.

The Smiths musician had been set to release his 14th solo album 'Bonfire of Teenagers' early next year, but there has been a change of plans.

In a brief statement on his website, he said: "‘Bonfire of Teenagers’ is no longer scheduled for a February release, as stated by this site.

"Its fate is exclusively in the hands of Capitol Records (Los Angeles)."