Review of And So It Began... Album by Morrissey & Marshall

Irish duo Morrissey & Marshall release their debut album 'And So It Began...' with all the folk-pop a fan of such could wish for. Having been discovered whilst busking in north London, Morrissey and Marshall have produced a brilliant album that could propel them into the music world with a bang.

Morrissey & Marshall  And So It Began... Album

This record is produced by John Reynolds who is none other than Sinead O'Connor's producer and drummer; the duo are also hitting the road to support the lady herself later in the year. The experience and quality of Reynolds's work can been heard throughout the album. The upbeat opening tracks, the titular 'And So It Began' and 'Pack Up Lady', begin the record with a strong Fratellis feel. This is a nice way to start, though the variation of the album is not mind blowing; the rest of the record has a mostly folk-pop edge with 'I Got a Plan' and 'We Are One' being prime examples of that. 

Soft ballads 'The Mantra' and 'You Are Who You Are' are beautifully put together and truly ramp up the emotion.  'Past Four Days' and 'In Need of Guidance', the latter being a song about the London riots, add power to this debut.  Many a word is connected to the folk-pop tag with 'hippy' being one of them and 'Old Tree' and 'A Song From the Birds' show you just exactly why with their floating melodies and sensible vocals which sum up the album perfectly. 

Ending the album on a dramatic note was a pleasant surprise; 'High and Low' ends with haunting vocals and strong guitars, and is most definitely the stand-out track on this record.  These Dublin boys have a bright future ahead of them with their remarkable talent and guidance, so expect to be hearing and seeing these lads around a lot this year and, indeed, in the future.


Alice Barker

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