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Rye Coalition
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Rye Coalition Curses Album

You get the impression that Rye Coalition have absolutely no time for scenes, looks, vogues or any of the other traps that modern popular culture by its very nature forces itself into. No, for Rye Coalition are far too busy worshipping at the altar of Rawk! Yes, the spelling and punctuation are required I'm afraid.

Produced by the mighty hand of Dave Grohl, this album is a stomping, riffing slab of hard rock. It's not often that comparisons are drawn with classic Kiss these days, but I'm afraid it needs to happen here. "Burn the Masters" or "Cocaine Werewolf" could be lifted straight from a 70s Kiss album, they're that authentic – vocalist Ralph Gregory Cusiglio even nails the Paul Stanley delivery to a tee.

There are no tongues in cheeks here though, and no knowing nods to cultural reference points. This is honest stuff, and for that alone it should be applauded.

Richard Edge

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