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Introducing Span
On My Way Down

On My Way Down

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So I read Spans Biog and it goes something like this: Span is about taking music very seriously and being non-serious about ego. Formed just before the turn of the century, it has become a band increasingly aware of the value of playing live to people, playing with as much as for.

Span is protesting everything apathetic, it is a band alive. Come and find out for yourself. So I Did just that, I went to find out for my self! Span have already been welcomed into the British music scene, they have also been described by Kerrang! As :"A shaken and rattled DNA cocktail of Aerosmith and Jane's Addiction." This enormous compliment to the "Nordic Rock crusaders" made me go along to the next possible gig.

The band who originate from Norway have just ended a course of European dates with Nickelback, now journey up to Yorkshire With Vendetta Red, "It's so great to be here!" the one thing I have noticed about seeing foreign bands play live is that they're a lot more friendly and create more of a stage presence than most English bands, as the band yell "NORWAY" they break into the first song that sounds like a poor version of Joan Jet's, I Love Rock & Roll….Oh dear.

Span @
Span  @
As the set carried on in the same familiar fashion, you could tell that these guys grew up seeing bands like Aerosmith on the TV, The guitarist especially who enjoyed playing his guitar over his head and doing over extravagant moves. Span were good to watch but all their songs were very similar and also not much different to anything else, they also played their new song On My Way Down, this didn't do the song as much justice as it does when you listen to it on the CD player. For me the comparison to Jane's Addiction & Aerosmith is still not worthy, but never the less On My Way Down is still a strong single for such a new band.

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