The ghost writer who helped pen O.J. SIMPSON's shocking new book IF I DID IT has revealed he thinks the Naked Gun star really did kill his wife. Simpson was acquitted of killing his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994, but has been dogged by reports he literally got away with murder ever since. And his controversial book, which has just been released after Goldman's family fought to stop Simpson cashing in on it last year (06), is a hypothetical account of what the former American football star would have done if he was responsible for the double murder. Now, co-writer Pablo Fenjves admits he told Simpson he always believed he was responsible for the murders when they first sat down to write If I Did It. He says, "He knew that I thought he was guilty." And, working with Simpson on the book for much of 2006, Fenjves admits he's far from surprised about his writing partner's latest run-in with the law in Las Vegas, where he's accused of staging an armed robbery in a hotel suite. The writer says, "It really doesn't surprise me that he thinks the rules do not apply to him."