Hailey Bieber hopes she and Justin are always ''getting to know each other''.

The 23-year-old star admitted she wants her marriage to be about constantly ''learning something new about each other'', as she and her husband - who confirmed they were married in November 2018 - spend more time together in lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking during a game of Jenga during 'The Biebers on Watch' on Facebook, Justin said: ''I feel like we're getting to known each other still, every day.''

Hailey added: ''My hope is that we never stop getting to know each other... that's kind of my goal in marriage til we're 100 we still are learning something new about each other.''

Their time together comes after the 'Yummy' hitmaker had to cancel his final leg of his world tour, which was due to kick off this week.

Despite the disappointment, Hailey is pleased Justin, 26, has been able to spend more time at home and get stronger and healthier before the next run of live shows.

She told him: ''When the tour does come back around and when you go out you're gonna be so strong and healthy and that makes me feel a little bit better.''

Meanwhile, the model recently revealed she was ''happier'' than ever during quarantine with her man, despite worrying about how it would impact her mental health.

She explained: ''I thought I was going to have a lot of anxiety through this process and there has been some.

''But it's also really shown me that the simplicity in life and kind of dialing everything back has made me so happy.''

And she added it has been an opportunity to reconnect with herself without worrying about her ''schedule''.

She said: ''[I've] been happier than I felt in months just from being able to be low-key and just hang, and not have things on a schedule.

''I feel really reconnected with myself and that's unexpectedly made me really happy.''