A movie would not be nearly as effective without its killer backing track. In fact, when a movie or TV show nails the song to go along with the story, it can evoke emotion faster than what you see on the screen. Music is emotive, evocative, and it does produce a visceral reaction in its listeners. 

If you feel inspired by a soundtrack and want to put together your own ultimate playlist, read on for some tips.

Photo Credit: Pixabay 

Music Therapy 

Music therapy is a longstanding and proven therapy that just goes to show how valuable music can be when added to our everyday life. Music can help children stay focused, it can help people calm down, or get pumped, or laugh or even cry. We all know about feel-good music or break up music, workout music, and whatever other playlists you have come across. 

But not every song will produce the same reaction. It is up to you to go through the effort to create a playlist or customise a playlist to suit your life and routines. Even with your own life in mind, you will want to create different versions. For instance, a playlist for your commute that helps you wake up and get pumped, a playlist to help you stay calm during traffic, and so on. 

How to Create Playlists to Suit Your Life 

Creating playlists by yourself and for yourself is the best way to add to your own backing track. Start small with just a few activities, and then expand. 

Focus on a Few Key Activities First 

Building a great playlist takes time, so focus on a few key activities first. If you take public transport on your way to work, for example, you can create a playlist to accompany you while you play puzzle games or online slots games. If you enjoy running in the mornings, then create a playlist for this activity. 

Generally speaking, you will want your playlist to be at least as long as the activity takes to start. You will still be adding to this playlist as time goes on, so you can enjoy it again and again without feeling like it's become stale. 

Start With One or Two Songs 

If you don't know where to begin, then start small. One or two songs are really all you need to start finding great suggestions from artists you might never have heard of. These suggestions can be found right on Apple Music or Spotify, or even on YouTube if you search the song and then go through the suggestions list. 

Build your playlist by branching through the suggestions, and be willing to try something out that you aren't 100% sure about the first time you hear it. You might come to love it, or at the very least, you will pad out your playlist more. If push comes to shove, you can always remove it later on. 

Don't Be Afraid to Edit and Add 

A playlist is never complete. Edit it often and add new music as you make new discoveries. This is the best way to keep your playlists fresh and fun for whatever activity you are doing.