It was only days ago that Hollywood actor Robert Di Nero won a standing ovation at the Tony Awards in New York for attacking the President of the United States - telling an audience of his acting peers, 'F**k Trump'!

Robert Di NeroRobert Di Nero has attacked Trump at two separate events in the past week

Now, the veteran actor has apologised to US neighbour, Canada, for the man in charge of his country.

Speaking at Nobu Toronto Groundbreaking Ceremony held at Nobu Sales Centre, the multi-award winning actor said: "It's a disgrace and I apologize to Justin Trudeau and the other people at the G-7."

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On Sunday, Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Trudeau made the president look weak ahead of his high-stakes summit this week with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, while trade adviser Peter Navarro said there was a "special place in hell" for the prime minister.

The actor was attending a groundbreaking ceremony for a development in downtown Toronto along with celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa. De Niro is a co-owner of the Nobu restaurant business.

After the applause subsided, De Niro reiterated his apology, this time focusing on Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and "the other people" at the Group of Seven summit that took place last weekend.

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"It’s a disgrace," he said in reference to Trump’s recent behavior. "It’s disgusting."

Tensions between Trump and Trudeau are at an all-time high after the two leaders disagreed about trade at the summit.

In two tweets that announced the end of U.S. support for the joint G-7 statement, Trump claimed that Trudeau made "false statements" during a previous news conference and went on to lambaste the Canadian leader.

"PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @G7 meetings" Trump tweeted, adding that he was "very dishonest & weak."