The first semi-final for the world’s biggest music event, the Eurovision Song Contest, is officially set to get underway on Tuesday, May 9th, at the Liverpool Arena in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The second semi-final will take place two days later.

A total of 37 countries have entered, and the Grand Final is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 13th. Here are some fun facts about the Eurovision song contest and some of the latest betting odds for who might win.

Fun facts about the Eurovision Song Contest

Here are several fun facts about the Eurovision Song Contest that you might not know:

      Editions: 66. The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will be the 67th edition

      First edition: 1956

      Format: International song/music contest

      Number of countries that have participated: Since it started, a total of 52 countries have been represented

      Number of entries in 2023: 37

      Odds-on favourite country to win this year: Sweden

      Several countries based outside of Europe have entered (e.g., Israel, Armenia, Morocco, and Australia)

      Most successful band to emerge from the Eurovision Song Contest: ABBA

      No country that has ever been the second to perform has ever gone on to win the contest

      The Eurovision Song Contest is so popular it’s broadcast on five continents

      In one year (1969), a total of four teams were crowned as the winners

      Australia first took part in 2015

      Norway have finished rock bottom with the lowest amount of points on nine separate occasions (which is worse than the UK)

      Eurovision is the biggest song contest in Europe and around the world

Which country will most likely win the upcoming 2023 Eurovision Song Contest?

According to several trusted online sports betting sites that currently have markets with competitive eurovision 2023 odds for this year’s event, Sweden is the country that’s most likely to win, so the odds-on favourite.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest odds. However, don’t forget that although these odds are accurate at the time of writing, they are subject to change at any given time.

      The odds-on favourite country to win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest are Sweden at 1.83 in the European decimal odds format. This is the same as saying 5/6 in the UK fractional odds format or -120 in the American/moneyline odds format. It’s also the same as saying that Sweden have a 54.50% chance (implied probability rate) of winning the contest

      The second odds-on favourite country to win are Finland at 4.33 (which is 10/3, or 333), depending on which odds format you prefer (decimal, fractional, or American/moneyline). These odds mean that Finland have a 23.10% chance of winning

      The third odds-on favourite country to win are Ukraine at 8.00 (which is 7/1, or 700). Finland have a 12.50% chance of winning

What other countries are likely to do well?

It’s hard to tell, but the bookies also seem to be favouring Spain, Norway and Israel. These countries will do well but don’t look like they will win the Eurovision Song Contest outright.

Other participants that you may want to back this year are France, the Czech Republic, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Final note

If you do sign up to a licensed online bookmaker to have a flutter on the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, remember to gamble sensibly and stay within your budget.

In other words, place sensible bets and try to understand what the odds are telling you. Also, don’t forget that no bet is guaranteed and that betting online comes with risks.

You may want to set deposit limits where possible, which you can generally do by heading straight to the ‘safer gambling tools’ section at any UK-licensed online sports betting site.