Niall Horan is hoping to drop his debut solo album ''later this year.''

The One Direction singer has received rave reviews following the release of his two singles 'This Town' and 'Slow Hands' and, although he can't wait to give fans more content, he's not ready to share his LP just yet as he's still coming up with a name.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he said: ''I listen to a lot of 80s funk rock, and I started playing on the piano and that came up... and hopefully the album will be later this year. I'm still trying to come up with the name, we've only recently just finished recording it.''

And, although the band - comprised also of Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Liam Payne - are currently on an extended hiatus so that they can focus on their solo careers, the 23-year-old hunk is adamant there's no competition between the foursome.

He explained: ''It's great actually, we enjoy it and watching everyone else think that we're rivals - I think it's great because there's room for everyone. And if we were all releasing the same type of songs then that'd be weird, but we're all releasing completely different types of music which is great.''

Niall took to the stage at Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester benefit concert last weekend in order to raise money for the victims of the city's terror attack on May 22.

He said of the gig: ''I was a bit nervous going on because Robbie [Williams] had just sung 'Angels' and emotions were high and stuff like that, and whenever I looked at the crowd I caught someone's eye that was crying so I tried to look away...

''At one stage, there was a big circle in the middle of the crowd and the policemen were dancing around with all the kids and it was unbelievable to watch... the whole day. I'm just so glad I was there.''