Nicki Minaj played Enya to her son during her pregnancy.

The chart-topping rap star - who gave birth to a baby boy on September 30 - has revealed her son hated listening to rap music but loved "soothing" songs.

Nicki, 38, wrote on Twitter: "He hated rap music when he was in my tummy. He’d kick rlly hard. But he was bopping a lil bit to #SeeingGreen b4 I released it. While pregnant I could only play him soothing music like Enya/classical, etc. he’d be more relaxed. It’s why i couldn’t rlly complete my album preggers (sic)"

Nicki also recently admitted to being obsessed with 'The Crown'.

The rapper revealed that she's completely "hooked" on Netflix's royal drama and has watched all of the episodes numerous times.

In a post on her website, the 'Anaconda' hitmaker shared: "My darlings, as I complete this album & documentary, I am also obsessing over 'The Crown' on Netflix. The great Kenya Barris recommended I watch it & I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s safe to say I’ve watched every single episode of every single season at least 5 times each. Lol. Yikes. I know. (sic)"

Nicki also admitted to being a huge fan of Claire Foy, who played a young Queen Elizabeth in the show, and Gillian Anderson, who starred as the UK's first female prime minister.

She said: "I can’t get enough of Claire Foy’s perfect face. I want to eat it. It just does the right thing in every single scene. Lmao. I also can’t believe how much I enjoy Gillian Anderson’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. (sic)"