Rapper Obie Trice is constantly reminded of the shooting which almost claimed his life in 2005, because the bullet lodged in his head regularly sets off metal detectors.
The rap star was shot several times while driving along an expressway in Detroit, Michigan on New Year's Eve, 2005.
One bullet entered his head but medics decided against removing it as the procedure was too dangerous, and Trice reveals he still has to relive the horror of that night whenever he goes through airport security.
He tells music blog KevinNottingham.com, "The fifth bullet from the shooting hit me in the head and the doctors couldn't perform surgery on me because it could've killed me. So, the bullet is still in my head... It still affects me to this day because when I go through security at airports, the s**t goes off...
"A lot of people don't understand how that almost killed me... Sometimes, the top of my feet get cold for no reason. I mean, s**t is really different now. It's definitely changed a lot of things for me. If you go back and listen to the song I did called Anymore, I talked about how I had to get my motor skills back to do simple stuff. It's just a blessing to be on this earth, man."
Although more than six years have passed since the incident, police never found the shooter and rapper Trice, who appeared in Eminem's movie 8 Mile, is still fuming the gunman remains at large.
He added, "They shot my Range Rover six times with hollow-tips...That wasn't an accident. After the state police and detectives investigated my truck, I found a hollow-tip under the gas peddles. What kind of s**t is that? They suppose (sic) to be investigating who got me... I've lost so many people to these streets and don't s**t happen (sic) as far as the police catching people."