Olly Murs thought he had sepsis after a knee operation went wrong.

The 35-year-old singer underwent a knee operation last year, which saw him have a metal plate inserted into his leg to help the joint straighten out post-surgery.

Three months after his initial operation, Olly took to Instagram to share a picture of his bandaged leg, but at the time, he opted not to speak about the extent of his ordeal.

However, on Wednesday (29.04.20), the 'Troublemaker' singer finally explained what happened during his emergency trip to the hospital, as he said doctors were worried the plate had given him sepsis - which is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body's response to infection.

Speaking on his Instagram Live, he said: ''When I had the operation my left leg had to be straightened and they put a plate in.

''After three months the plate got infected so then I had to get rushed back into hospital, they thought it was sepsis.

''They had to open me up again in case the infection spread. So it got nasty.''

After his surgery, Olly returned to work as a judge on the UK series of 'The Voice', and says the operation was ''so important'' for the sake of his career.

He added: ''It was so important for me to get my leg done because there wouldn't be shows.

''Obviously with this knee I'm not being able to perform on stage to my best ability for my fans. I needed to give it a year. I need to do rehab.''

The 'Dance with Me Tonight' hitmaker has plenty of time to rest his leg now that he's been forced into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, but has been enjoying his time at home as he's spending it with his new girlfriend Amelia Tank.

And recently, the singer was reported to be ''so happy'' in his relationship, as he believes he's finally found ''the right girl''.

A source said: ''He hadn't had a serious relationship for a good few years before Amelia came along because he was waiting for the right girl.

''Now he feels he has found that woman.

''He is so happy and everything is going really well.''