Review of Morris Brown Single by Outkast

Morris Brown
Sony Bmg
Uk Release Date 4th September
Single Review

Outkast Morris Brown Single

The quirkiest hip-hop act of them all, Outkast, return with the lead cross over single from their new album "Idlewild" due late August. Following on from the street single "Mighty O", "Morris Brown" is a near marching drum driven, eclectic rap track, with a Prince style chorus and synth styled vocals.

You know the video will be all that, you know it will be a hit. But this is far removed from the days of me liking this group, the days of Ms Jackson for example. Hugely successful, Outkast have done for hip-hop accessibility what Prince did for the accessibility of R&B and Soul. But does that make it good for the real heads, probably not, but you have to understand that groups like this, Black Eyed Peas etc are needed for the survival of the genre we all love, whether you are into underground or crossover R&B or hip hop. Because it is the finances that they bring in, that you would hope, should be the lifeline to our beloved genres.


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