Pamela Anderson is set to launch a vegan accessory line.

The former 'Baywatch' star, who has followed a vegan lifestyle for over 20 years, has teamed up with the French designer Amelie Pichard to create animal-friendly shoes and bags inspired by her love for Malibu and Saint-Tropez.

Pamela told ''Each piece is made of nontoxic plastic, cottons, acrylics and rubbers.''

She added: ''Vegans can be sexy -- super fun, super stylish and conscious because young people want to make better choices when it comes to consuming. We need more sustainable choices when it comes to handbags and shoes.''

The shoe and bag line will also be zapped with the blonde bombshell's love for the '90s with patchwork denim, plexiglass material for the heels and silver glittered soles.

She explained: ''It's great to have this reemergence [of the '90s]. It's good for me, too, for my career, to sustain myself, to do fun activism projects like this.''

Pamela's shoe and bag line, which will cost between $450 to $950 (USD) will be available from December 10.