Hollywood actress Parker Posey is facing damages of AUS$15,000 ($11,260/GBP6,347) after allegedly trashing the luxury Sydney apartment she has been sharing with her partner JASON RAIL.

The YOU'VE GOT MAIL beauty, 36, has been renting the lavish Potts Point flat while filming SUPERMAN RETURNS, in which she plays the villainous LEX LUTHOR's girlfriend, KITTY KOSLOWSKI.

But her landlord is now accusing the couple of a catalogue of problems ranging from missing toilet brushes to damaged antique furniture, stained carpets and scratched marble flooring, as well as misinformation about the exact identity of his tenants.

A source says, "Part of the deal was that the owner's cleaner would visit once a week to keep an eye on things and clean.

"It was then discovered there had been a change of tenants and Parker Posey, who they were led to believe was a man, had moved in. They reluctantly agreed to stop sending the cleaner after being told Parker Posey wanted privacy and being assured 'he' would keep the apartment spotless.

"It was very disheartening for the owners to discover the state it was in after they left, especially when the apartment was pristine when leased. They were only in there for a few months. You could hardly say the damage was caused by the usual wear and tear."

The film's production company, Red Sun Productions, who arranged the letting for their star, is disputing the claims and vows to fight for the return of their AUS$10,000 ($7,520/GBP4,230) bond.