Pink says being on stage is the best exercise.

The 'True Love' singer works up such a sweat while leaping around during her concerts that she doesn't need to calorie count or watch what she eats.

She told Women's Health magazine: ''My favourite workout right now is hot yoga, but my favourite workout in general is my show, being onstage because I get to have fun while I'm sweating!

''Don't even know how many calories I'm burning!''

However, Pink - who is famed for her rock-hard abs - doesn't slack when it comes to exercising and puts herself through an intensive workout regime.

She revealed she hits the gym five days a week to use the treadmill and do circuit training, as well as squeezing in regular sessions with personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

Pink joked: ''She's a beast.''

But the newest addition to her fitness routine, hot yoga classes, almost proved too much for her and the 34-year-old star considered quitting on numerous occasions.

She said: ''I had to sit down four times and really decide who I am and whether I wanted to stay.''