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Pure Reason Revolution
The Dark Third
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Pure Reason Revolution The Dark Third Album

When an opening track of an album has the intriguing charms and sonic character of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, you know you're in for a treat. The lack of vocals on "Aeropause" only adds to this anticipation.

The rest of this album certainly doesn't disappoint. This is Prog-rock that you shouldn't be ashamed to like. Equal parts Yes, Floyd, but with a modern twist a la Porcupine Tree or even at times Muse, this is clever, imaginative and at times, jaw-droppingly beautiful. There is also something indefinable that calls to mind big 1970s gatefold album sleeves with men in denim flares in the desert, despite the fact they are from Reading!

'Apprentice of the Universe' and 'Nimos and Tambos' are the highlights of the album, but to be honest, this is something that you will want to listen to as a whole. A welcome, magnificently refreshing assault on the senses then, The Dark Third. Viva la New Prog!

Richard Edge

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