Queen's 'Greatest Hits' compilation has officially become the UK's biggest-selling album of all time, beating the likes of Abba, The Beatles and Michael Jackson. The revelation was revealed in a list launched by the UK's Official Album Chart as part of the chart's 60th anniversary.

Brian May Queen's 'Greatest Hits' is the best selling album in the UK

60 albums for 60 years, the top albums of the UK charts have been revealed with Freddie Mercury's band Queen topping the list with 6.1 million copies of their 1981 compilation 'Greatest Hits' sold since its release. It's not the first landmark moment for this epic release either; in 2014, it became the first album to sell 6 million in the UK. The follow-up, 'Greatest Hits II', entered into the 60 biggest selling albums list at number 10.

'What a great bit of news to wake up to! The most popular album? Well, I always thought the band showed promise, but this is beyond our boyhood dreams!' Queen guitarist Brian May told OfficialCharts.com

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At number 2 was another 'Best of...' compilation; Abba's 'Gold: Greatest Hits'. The top 10 was also completed by the Beatles' 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', Adele's '21', Oasis' 'What's The Story Morning Glory', Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon', Dire Straits' 'Brothers In Arms' and Michael Jackson's 'Bad'. 

'In celebration of 60 years of the UK's official album chart, it is fantastic that we can crown Queen as the kings of the anniversary Top 60', said Official Charts CEO Martin Talbot. 'With seven albums by British acts in the all-time Top 10, and Adele's 21 now challenging the Beatles' Sgt Pepper to be the biggest-selling studio album of all time, it is a great list for homegrown talent. And the fact that Adele's latest album 25 is riding into the overall Top 30, along with Ed Sheeran's X, underlines the power of the official albums chart in championing great British talent, young and old.'