Jones had a special friendship with Ol' Blue Eyes and now never leaves home without the ring that bears the Sinatra family crest.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I wear this all my life now. He left this to me. He wore it for 40 years."

And Jones still recalls the special night in 1964 when Sinatra single-handedly changed Las Vegas' race laws by insisting that members of his entourage and fellow musicians would no longer be treated like second-class citizens in Sin City.

The producer says, "The first night we went to Vegas (in) '64, to work with Frank, I had never been to Vegas before. And at that time (Harry) Belafonte, Lena Horne, Fats Domino were not allowed to go in the casino, it was so racist. They had to eat in the kitchen and sleep in a black hotel across town, after making $17,000.

"So Frank said, 'No, we're not playing that'. And I walked in that night... The whole band was over there. Basically, it's about 18 men... and he (Sinatra) had 18 goombahs (minders) there and he put one with each of the guys, and he said, 'If anybody even looks at him funny, break both of their f**king legs'."