Just over six years following the tragic death of a drum technician from a collapsed stage roof, Radiohead return to the city of Toronto this week on their latest North American tour. But not without reflecting on that fatal accident. Philip Selway gave a TV interview about how the incident has affected the group to this day.

Philip Selway performing with RadioheadPhilip Selway performing with Radiohead

On June 16th 2012, the roof of a temporary stage built at Toronto's Downsview Park collapsed an hour before Radiohead's final concert of their tour, tragically killing their drum technician Scott Johnson and injuring three other road crew members. 

Thirteen charges were brought against Live Nation, Optex Staging and an engineer named Dominic Cugliari among others with regards to health and safety laws, but the case was dismissed in September last year after multiple delays in the trial.

'It's very frustrating. The court case broke down on a technicality', Philip Selway said in an interview on BBC Newsnight. 'So with that court case breaking down there have been no real answers. Without the answers we can't ensure that an accident like this can't happen again.'

Unfortunately, because of the strict time restrictions on trials in Canada, Radiohead nor Scott's family ever received justice, but that doesn't mean that's the end of the case.

'We are assured that there is an inquest going to happen next year', Philip continued. 'That's where we hope that the real answers, stuff that everybody can act on and implement... thats where we want to take what happened to Scott now.'

The whole situation has probably affected drummer Philip most out of everyone in the band, given that they were actually supposed to be doing a soundcheck at the time of the incident and Scott was in his place. 

Despite the band's feelings of anger and frustration, however, they have returned to the country to play this week with two shows at Montreal's Bell Centre and two more at Toronto's Air Canada Centre which kick off tonight (July 19th 2018).

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'It's a lot of triggers coming back', Philip said. 'A lot of sadness for us. And a real sense of the absence of Scott.'