Ray Manzarek of The Doors

End of the Night: Tributes were paid this week to Ray Manzarek, pioneering keyboardist with The Doors who died in Germany aged 74. He formed the band with lead singer Jim Morrison after a chance meeting in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, and the pair went on to create some of the finest rock music in history.

Yukkk! Taylor Swift inadvertently created internet gold this week after making a serious "Yukkkk!" face when her pal Selena Gomez embraced with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber backstage at the Billboard Music Awards 2013. The whole thing was caught on camera - and it's hilarious.

True Romance: Brad Pitt really wants to let Jennifer Aniston know how bored he was in the 1990s doesn't he? This week, the World War Z actor recalled how he was essentially a drugged up bum during his time with the actress, though of course he realised his ambitions once he met Angelina. Ouch.

George Michael Performing Live

Fastlove: "Hey remember that time when we got stuck in a traffic jam on the M1 because George Michael had fallen out of a speeding car?" Obviously, this anecdote had literally no chance of being told by anyone, until now. Yeah. That happened.

Oscar, Bravo! So, Seth Macfarlane has confirmed he will not return to host the Oscars in 2014. After last year's unsteady showing, it's probably good news for everyone concerned. So what's Jon Stewart doing next February? 

Bieber Booed: So Justin Bieber made it onto the roundup twice this week, though it could have been three, four or even five times. The 19-year-old was booed at the Billboard Awards, though also lost possession of the pet monkey that he left in Munich, Germany. Oh, and he makes his house-guests signs a $5 million waiver, apparently.

Desperate Housewives: Poor old Eva Longoria. She's suffered a few wardrobe malfunctions in recent months, the most noticeable of which came at the Cannes Film Festival this week. The actress had a little trouble with the stairs on the red-carpet.

Great Big Jesse: Jesse James? Remember him? No, not the outlaw - the ex-husband of Sandra Bullock who works in a bike shop. Him. Well, he chopped off his little finger this week

Coen Brothers

Fargo Good? The Coen Brothers returned to Cannes this week with their latest flick Inside Llewyn Davis, which received glittering reviews, putting it on course for the prestigious Palme d'Or. Some critics suggested the film is 'Fargo good,' which could see it feature prominently at the Oscars next year. 10/1 for Best Picture looks tasty.

Video of the Week: This week's hottest footage comes from the Cannes Film Festival, where Jennifer Lawrence has been talking up her forthcoming movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The Oscar winner called it "visually stunning." We can't wait.