Bridget Jones is back! The first image from the third film in the Bridget Jones film franchise, based on the bestselling books by Helen Fielding, has been released. The picture isn’t giving much away about the upcoming film, Bridget Jones’ Baby, as it simply shows Renee Zellweger, as Bridget, smiling into the camera.

Bridget Jones' BabyRenee Zellweger as Bridget Jones in the first image from Bridget Jones' Baby.

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Bridget is also clutching what appears to be an Ipad which may indicate that, 14 years after the first Bridget Jones film was released, her diary has received a technological upgrade. After all, pen and paper are so 2000… 

We were also slightly worried about Zellweger’s changed appearance and how it will affect her portrayal of the buxom Bridget. In case you’d forgotten, Zellweger underwent a serious makeover last year which caused much confusion when she premiered her new look (or rather, her entire new face) at Elle’s Women of the Year event in October 2014. Fortunately, we needn’t have worried as the picture shows the Bridget Jones we all know and love with her rosy cheeks and smile intact. 

Despite the film’s rather telling title, we’re still very much in the dark when it comes to the plot of Bridget Jones’ Baby. The film will not be based on the third Bridget Jones novel by Fielding, in which (spoiler alert) Bridget’s husband Mark Darcy dies. It is reportedly inspired by a series of columns Fielding wrote in the Independent in 2006. 

Zellweger will be joined by Colin Firth in the role of Darcy, Bridget’s love interest in the previous two films. However, the addition of Patrick Dempsey in a mystery role has set off a few alarm bells. Will Bridget finally marry Darcy and have his child or will Bridget’s baby be fathered by another man? 

Bridget Jones’ Baby is slated for release in 2016.

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