Rihanna has launched a new collection of lingerie through her Savage x Fenty brand.

The 'Work' hitmaker dropped the Cabo Crush range of summer lingerie styles on Wednesday (02.07.20), and promoted the campaign with the help of Savage x Fenty ambassadors including Symphani Soto and Jordan Emanuel, as well as Rihanna herself, and the lucky winners of the brand's Savage x Summer contest.

The range includes a hot pink bra and thong set modelled by Rihanna herself, as well as similar styles in neon orange, a pink bodysuit, and a two-piece set featuring a snakeskin pattern.

Cabo Crush's campaign images feature the models against tropical aesthetic backgrounds, which were created in partnership with artist, photographer, and filmmaker Rafael Perez.

The filmmaker previously worked with Rihanna to capture Savage x Fenty's Spring collection, and during the shoot, the pair took images that would be used for a contest which called for fans to enter for the chance to star alongside Rihanna in an at-home summer campaign.

The four winners of the competition - Brenda Senyana, Kortney Russell, Gerlind Anagho, and Sariena Luy - were then picked to model items from the Cabo Crush collection for the singer's latest campaign.

Speaking to Vogue about the campaign, Kortney Russell said: ''It's important to change the narrative of one specific body type being the standard of beauty. Doing that can be a hard thing to do and can get you a lot of negative opinions along the way, but it's something I think Savage X is doing successfully! I'm excited to see the fashion industry change, and I'm so privileged to be contributing to that change!''

Whilst Brenda Senyana added: ''I really hope that [Savage X fans] feel liberated to live confidently in their bodies. People are always telling me how confident I am and commending me for making bold and daring fashion choices, but I wasn't always this way.

''Every day that I accept and love myself more is a win. My weight does not define me. I cannot let my life centre around people who work to tear me down. I have to live confidently and unapologetically!''