The R.I.P. singer is convinced she has become just as famous for the men she dates as her pop career, and now wants to make more of an effort to keep her romances out of the headlines.

"The work is forgotten overnight if you're seen with a person or something like that," she tells the London Evening Standard.

"It's more like, 'Give me the respect that I deserve as a hard-working independent female'. That's really the bottom line of it. The mental capacity that people have - don't fill it with nonsense. Again, maybe I just need to have no personal life."

Rita goes on to reveal she plans to air her views on the "break-ups and make-ups" in her new songs, insisting it will be "all there" in her music.

The news comes just days after Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker confirmed he is dating Rita, after they were spotted together at a number of events in California.

Travis gushed about his new girlfriend, calling her "stunning and... awesome".

However, fans may have to wait a little longer to hear about the romance from Rita as she has admitted her next album has been pushed back until next year (16) because she is so busy with her job on British reality TV show The X Factor.

"I was wishing it would come out this year, but realistically it's not," she adds. "Physically I wouldn't be able to achieve the success I want with the (The X Factor) contestants and the album, so I'm going to do it one at a time."

Rita dated Scottish DJ Calvin Harris for a year before they split in June 2014, and he went on to strike up a romance with another pop star, Taylor Swift.

The Black Widow star is said to have been dating Ricky Hil, son of fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, this year (15) before moving on with Travis.