Although they’re in the first stages of new parenthood and are living separately despite being engaged, Blac Chyna is apparently “taunting” Rob Kardashian about how easily she’s losing weight, seemingly in the belief that it will motivate him to do the same.

A source close to the couple, who welcomed their daughter Dream Renee into the world earlier this month, told at the weekend that Chyna, who has lost 23lbs since giving birth just over a fortnight ago, is “teasing” her fiance about it.

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“Between breastfeeding and doing some light exercise, dropping weight is so easy for [her],” the source claims. “But Rob has to go on an extreme diet and exercise non-stop and only then will he lose maybe a pound or two a week. Meanwhile Blac isn’t making it any easier on him, teasing him about how much more weight she’s lost. Blac thinks taunting him is good motivation but so far it isn’t working.”

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. 29 year old Rob has, in the recent past, suffered from anxiety, depression and agoraphobia, spending a number of years out of the spotlight that the rest of his family have basked in.

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During that time, he gained a significant amount of weight and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. When he met Chyna at the start of 2016, they worked hard to help him lose some weight, but insiders say that he ended up putting it back on.

It does appear to be significantly easier for 28 year old Chyna, who has dropped more than a stone since giving birth on November 10th.

She has attributed that weight loss to breastfeeding and occasional work-outs when she finds the time, flaunting her flat tummy on Instagram and Snapchat in the last couple of weeks.

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